Seizures caused by the brightly flashing images in video games are more common than most people realize. They can happen even in people with no history of seizures. Most individuals with this type of visual sensitivity (a condition often called photosensitive epilepsy) have their first seizure before knowing they need to be careful around the flash, flicker, spatial patterns, and intense colors in video games. This site explains what you should know so that you can be alert for signs of seizures in yourself and others.

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 APRIL 22, 2018

Maybe you've heard about the video game Fortnite that now has 45 million players? One reason it's so popular is that it's free to download--with its seizure-inducing graphics. 

Playing Fortnite involves quite a bit of shooting that creates bright flashes on the screen. The flashes are especially likely to trigger seizures when the game is played in "high explosives" mode (available during limited release dates). The high explosives create bigger explosions splayed across larger areas of the screen, which in turn affects a   - more -


Explosions like this that fill the screen with rapid, bright flashing create a seizure risk for people with photosensitive epilepsy.